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We make it EASY and FAST to OWN a home...
Our sellers don’t care much about your credit score OR your Debt-to-Income Ratio (too much credit card debt, student loans, etc).  Really, the big 3 things our sellers consider to qualify you for any of our great homes are:

1) do you have good payment history going back at least 12 months?

2) can you do the monthly?


3) can you do the down payment? 

As long as you can make these three things happen, either now or A YEAR from now, you can ABSOLUTELY own a home through our program!

Most OTHER sellers out there ask for 10 - 20% down to owner-finance, however our program has some of the lowest down payment requirements in the state: Depending on the home, our sellers may be willing to let you in with as little as 5-10% down, with payments slightly below 1% of the sales price of the home.  As a rule of thumb, that’s about 7,000 and above to cover your down payment, closing costs, and to give you at least a few choices of homes.

Found a home that works for your budget TODAY?  CALL US to view inside

Don’t quite have the down payment for now?...

Good news!  If you have a retirement account (like a military Thrift Savings Plan, a 401K, or an IRA), you might find your down payment there. We’re not licensed to give tax advice, but we’ve seen many previous buyers ask their retirement account manager about BORROWING against their account (instead of withdrawing), and when they bought a home this way, they actually didn’t get a big tax hit from taking money out early and they could put the money back into their accounts over a full 5 years. You could look at this option?

If you’re willing to work on borrowing your down payment or saving it over time, Join the Buyers Club and we'll keep in touch with you until you’re ready to own! ...AND AT THE BOTTOM FOR "Additional Comments," just write in that you are getting your down payment together and you think you'll have it by about (whatever month)...(This is so we know when to give you a personal call back to check in with you and let you know about NEW AND UPCOMING homes.) 

Many families in your city are also saving up to become proud homeowners.  We can’t wait for the day that you can say you’ve broken the rent cycle and kissed your landlord goodbye, that you are no longer one of those people who just “talk” about buying a home....You actually took action to secure a better financial future for you and your family.

When you're very close to having your down payment together, let us know so we can start viewing your favorite homes. Once you find the right home for you and your family, you can close and get moved in as fast as about 7-10 days later!
Discover how to Own a Home in the Greater Killeen or Austin Texas areas, without banks!

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We’re REAL, live, friendly people offering REAL homes, among the LARGEST selection of nicer, move-in ready, easy-to-own homes in Texas. As you can tell, we’re NOT a canned national “rent to own” website, NO monthly fees, NO fake or undesirable listings, NO foreclosures that require you to qualify for bank loans, and NO credit check required to start. Simply check out the VIDEO above and below, pick out the homes that fit your budget, and then call us to chat!

You want to own a nice home. 

And if you’re like a FULL ONE-THIRD of Americans today, you may not qualify to own through the banks or government-backed loans like VA or FHA.  When this is the case, owner-financing could literally be the only way for you to own a home today, even if banks have said “no.”

The GOOD NEWS is we can still help you make the American Dream of Home Ownership come true!

No matter if you’re self-employed, have short job history, have too many debts (even another house on your credit), a past foreclosure or bankruptcy, have less than the 620 or 640 minimum credit score, or for ANY SILLY REASON that the banks said “no,” we should still be able to help you own.

Our program gets you ownership from Day One, without bank qualifying.  You get to move in quickly, with all the benefits of owning, including tax breaks, equity from appreciation of value, investment in your family’s future, and the pride of owning your own home. 

WATCH THIS VIDEO to answer the question "Will I own or is it a lease purchase or Rent-to-Own? And what protection do I get from losing the home?"


Because a full ONE-THIRD of Americans today can’t qualify for a bank mortgage AND because owner-financed homes are very, very rare, our homes sell FAST!  There are thousands of eager buyers out there, so it’s not unusual for a home we offer to be snatched up just weeks—or even days—after appearing on the market.  So if you have the down payment and are ready to own in less than 2 months, call us RIGHT AWAY to get a look inside some homes.

If you don’t see the right home here TODAY, check back with us often because we may have it on the website soon!  Or with your larger down payment, contact us to see if we can go find your home.  Also contact us to get email notices of weekly home updates, fun videos, and crucial home-finding tips for success.  It’s smart for you to be notified as soon as your home hits the market! 

We believe EVERYONE deserves to own a home.  We feel so much joy from helping individuals, couples, and families own a place of their own, a shelter to build memories that last a lifetime! 

I sincerely look forward to meeting with you when you’re financially and emotionally ready to finally stop renting and OWN a home you can call your own!  Until then, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone (512-850-7336) or email ( if you have questions, to refer a friend, or when you want to view some homes.

To YOUR Future,

Lara Fobian

2600 Traditions Drive Killeen, TX 76549
2305 Larkspur Killeen, TX 76549
3903 Frigate Drive Killeen, TX 76549
2608 Fieldstone Drive Killeen, TX 76549

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